Unlocked iPhone X Prices vs Contracts in Canada Compared


Let’s not waste time—this week is all about preparing for an iPhone X pre-order, which will take place on Friday, October 27 at 12:01AM PT/3:01AM ET on and carrier websites.

iPhone X is the most expensive model we’ve seen to date from Apple, priced at $1319/$1529 CAD for 64GB/256GB models, outright. Carriers are marking up outright prices by $30 (Telus/Bell).

Two-year contract pricing from Rogers and Telus starts at $600 up front with a minimum $95 per month plan (1GB data), while Bell starts at $600 up front with a $85 per month plan (only 500MB data).

Iphone x

So what exactly is cheaper? Buying an iPhone X outright from Apple, or jumping into a two-year contract?

It’s hard to come up with a definitive answer, based on your current monthly plan. But let’s take a look at how iPhone X would play out for a Public Mobile customer on the company’s $38 per month plan with 4GB data, over the span of two years, versus a Big 3 customer signing up for the max iPhone X subsidy.

Public Mobile: $38/4GB + iPhone X 64GB ($1319)

  • $38 x 24 = $912
  • iPhone X = $1319
  • Total = $2231 / 24 months
  • $92.95 per month

Rogers/Telus: $95/1GB, 300 local daytime minutes + iPhone X 64GB ($600 up front)

  • $95 x 24 = $2280
  • iPhone X (up front) = $600
  • Total = $2880 / 24 months
  • $120 per month (includes $29.96 per month to pay off remaining iPhone X balance)
This scenario is $650 more than what a user on Public Mobile’s $38/4GB would be paying (not taking into consideration their loyalty discount).
Bell: $85/500MB, 300 local daytime minutes + iPhone X 64GB ($600 up front)
  • $85 x 24 = $2040
  • iPhone X (up front) = $600
  • Total = $2640 / 24 months
  • $110 per month (includes $29.96 per month to pay off remaining iPhone X balance)
  • Extras: $25 connection fee

The difference here is $409 more over Public Mobile, if this user goes with Bell on a two-year term.

Again, if you’re living in a province where you have SaskTel, Videotron or Eastlink, going on contract may be cheaper than incumbents. Just do the math.

While going on a subsidy means paying less money up front for an iPhone X, you will be paying in the long term over two years. The small data allotments with the Big 3 will most likely result in overages, so in the end you’re going to be paying more.

Buying the phone outright from Apple means you do not need to deal with carriers, as they most likely won’t get a lot of iPhone X stock. The pre-order experience with the Big 3 has historically not been user friendly, due to slow websites and shipment delays.

So what are you going to do? Buy an iPhone X outright, or sign a two-year term?


  • Keep in mind. With Telus, shared data addon on the account adds into the $95 requirement. So if you’re already paying plan + data over $95 with data shared between multiple devices, you do not need to change your plan!

  • Cornfed710

    Also, with those big 3 plans, you’re not getting 4gb of data a month like the Public Mobile plans.

    I guess I should mention I’m an oracle with PM, so of course I’m biased lol. Saying that, the math is clear, I’ll be buying one from ? at 3:00am ?


  • Salinger

    For me, it’s a much more simple choice. On my plan with Rogers, I pay the same monthly fee for my 10GB plan whether or not I have a device balance. So, there’s no logic in paying $1,529 for my (hopefully) 256GB X while continuing to pay the same monthly tariff as taking advantage of Rogers’ Premium Tab included with my plan and paying ‘only’ $899 up front.

  • bbbwww

    I’m sorry but 300 local min and 500mb – 1gb for $120? The phones are only getting more expensive and the plans are garbage…if people don’t wake up and stop throwing their money at apple, google et al it’s just going to keep getting worse. The big three are ripping you off!

  • duke_seb

    I agree … I’m in the same situation with Rogers if I didn’t upgrade my plan would of stayed the same premium plus I was already paying so not upgrading is actually costing me money. I bought the iPhone 8+ but the principle is the same for the X

    $115 a month for 10GB and $400 including tax for the phone. The way I see it I got my 8+ with a $800 discount

  • MathieuM

    Another way to look at it if you’re trying to figure out which way to go with your current plan: for Rogers/Telus, the 64 GB model comes with an upfront discount of $720, which works out to $30 per month over a 2 year contract. Rogers/Telus then charges a minimum plan of $95 per month, which includes 1 GB of data. So the tipping point is $65 ($95 – $30 = $65). If you can get a BYOD plan with at least 1 GB of data for $65 or less, then you come out ahead by buying the 64 GB iPhone X directly from Apple. If you can only find a BYOD plan with 1 GB of data for $65 or more, then you are better off getting the phone through Rogers/Telus.

  • Okina

    I have a corporate discount from my work with Rogers. And strangely if I crunched the numbers between outright, premium, and premium+, the last option costs about $300 less than premium+ over two years

    I guess the thinking is shop around to other carriers too? (Not sure that would be any better)

    Oh btw, in all the excitement over the X, Costco has quietly brought back the iTunes card sale. $79.99 for $100 worth, tough to beat. But only until Sunday

  • Salinger

    Premium+ plans from Rogers are always a worse deal than Premium. They’re $10 more expensive per month ($240 over the 2 year term) but only save you $200 over the Premium.

  • It’s Me

    Yup. The pittance of data from the big carriers is not enough for most people and expect less so for people buying the X who I expect will use more data as they use their phone more. So a more fair and realistic comparison would be to up those plans to at least 1/2 the data with PM or add monthly data overages to get to at least 1/2 of PM. The difference would be even more glaring.

    Should work out what the totals would be on the Koodo Quebec $54/7GB plan with large tab.

  • KBlazer07

    Virgin might as well not carry it, they’re not advertising any prices. Ya, I’m going to stay up late to see if it’s worth while. Great marketing concept, let’s not tell people what they’re going to pay.

  • mcfilmmakers

    The bigger story is they’re charging 100$ for ONE gig of data.