Japan’s DoCoMo Inks iPhone Deal; China Telecom Leaks 5S/5C Launch Date


Japanese newswire Nikkei reports (via 9to5Mac) that Apple and DoCoMo have finally reached an agreement, so Japan’s biggest wireless player will carry the iPhone as soon as this fall.

Apple is expected to announce two new iPhones next Tuesday, so both models will likely be available though DoCoMo as well, on September 20.

Another report says China Telecom (one of Apple’s Chinese partners) has apparently posted a message to Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like microblogging website, suggesting it will shortly carry both new iPhone models. Obviously, the message has since been removed.

The post also teased about pre-orders for the new iPhones, but that page has also been removed. Some of the early birds, however, managed to take some screenshots of the mock-up images shown on the pre-order page, but the images don’t seem to be accurate, and neither are the tech specs — you can check them out below.

china telecom iphone 5c

It needs to be noted here that the Chinese iPhone launch followed weeks or months after the device’s debut in countries such as the US, Germany, and Australia.

This year, however, seems to be different. Apple will stream the September 10 event in China by satellite, so we can expect a promoted launch of the new models. As China Telecom indicates, Chinese mobile subscribers can expect an early release.

china telecom iphone 5c 1

Apple is putting a dent in the Asian market with the DoCoMo agreement and the rumoured China Mobile deal, which are the results of many years of negotiations.

If a Sina post can be believed, the Chinese launch will take place on September 20, as in the US, but another China-based retailer, Dixintong, said it will begin carrying the iPhones on September 25.

While the launch dates are vague at this point, we are this close to finding out, as September 10 is almost here.


  • crosseyed_mofo

    erm, arent the 5C’s supposed to be plastic?

  • Chris Zhu

    English translation:
    iPhone 5S / 5C reservation

    State-of-the-art, high end!
    – NFC and fingerprint scanning technology
    – A7 Processor ( by Intel)
    – Touch On display
    – Larger screen
    – iOS 7 operating system
    – Blue sapphire buttons, gold colour available
    – LTE-A Support
    – Wireless charging support
    – Larger battery capacity
    – Slow motion video camera
    – Dual flash

  • Maybe iPhone 5C is designated only for China. Imagine the sales due to pride. “WE HAVE OUR OWN MODEL!”

  • Chrome262

    If the 5c means color and they colored the metal like the iPod then i can see it working out well and still be good for Apples image, this plastic crap is awful

  • crosseyed_mofo

    the 5China

    mind blown

  • crosseyed_mofo

    id almost look at the 5C with consideration, im a sucker for green

  • Chrome262

    I was thinking that maybe the gold 5s is really the 5c color. Maybe all this plastic crap we have been seeing are from the knock offs. god I hope.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    heres to hopin

  • WatDah

    Fingers crossed.