LastPass ‘Everywhere’ Device Sync Feature is Now Free for All


If you’re a LastPass user, the company has just made its Everywhere device sync feature free for all users, as it is no longer just available to Premium members. Here’s how today’s roll-out works, explains Joe Siegrist, Founder, VP & GM of LastPass:

If you’re already using LastPass Free, no action is required to start enjoying LastPass on all your devices. You can simply download LastPass to any of your browsers or grab the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet, and login with your LastPass account. Everything in your vault will be available, automatically, anywhere you login.

Free sync

LastPass last year had its servers hacked, where user emails, addresses, password reminders and authentication hashes were compromised. Earlier this year, LastPass launched Authenticator for iOS for easier sign-ins.

When it comes to password managers, I’m using AgileBits’ 1Password, which gives options to either sync your encrypted database to Dropbox or iCloud, which makes for easy sync across devices. What about you?


  • tomm

    I just payed them for their Premium service about 2 weeks ago and there was no sign anywhere that the syncing would become free in a couple of weeks.
    Let’s see how ethical they are.

  • Ouch, that sucks. Bad timing, maybe ask for a pro-rated refund

  • tomm

    Actually I got a very impressive response – they refunded the full amount of US$12 already, all I can say is WOW and Thank you.

    After the major major ongoing disappointments with Splash ID, I am glad I switched. I have many beefs with Splash ID, like filling in used and passwords stopped working, whereas it worked nicely for years. their Mac version got so far behind their windoze one that I lost any hope that they will actually release Mac version that’s on par and not years behind windoze. and never mind the bugs, duplicate records, crashing, etcetcetc. They actually made me downgrade so that I could actually run it without crashing and the update never came. NOw I have lifetime license to useless Splash ID. I wonder if they will issue me a refund like LastPass.

  • Glassbase

    Anyone know how to change from premium to free?

  • Kael

    Love this program. I have it everywhere! I pay for the premium as there is no app more useful and at $1 a month, a great deal!

  • MrXax

    I don’t think there’s any ethical responsibility they have to refund your money, but I’m glad to see they did. Good on them.