Video Claims These are Working Lightning EarPods for ‘iPhone 7’ [WATCH]


The biggest change rumoured for the upcoming ‘iPhone 7’ is the elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack, to make way for Lightning EarPods or Bluetooth headphones instead, while also retaining the design features of the iPhone 6/6s.

Lightning earpods

We’ve seen previously “leaked” images of so-called Lightning EarPods for ‘iPhone 7’, but now we have what claims to be a working set of these headphones, shared by MobileFun on YouTube:

It’s hard to verify the sound in the video is actually coming from the headphones, so there’s no way to believe these are authentic. For starters, the plastic surrounding the Lightning connector looks third-party, way ‘fatter’ than Apple’s design.

As we approach the fall, more ‘leaks’ usually come to light from Apple’s supply chain, but the name of the game is determining which ones are real or not. What do you think about the headphones shown off in the video?


  • jay

    what is the reason to remove the headphone jack? ah ok save some money…

  • GaDgEtMoN

    Wow Lightning Earpods… Is this all we are waiting for as iPhone users? I hope Apple has more in store for us than just a refresh with a lightning connector and no 3.5mm jack. (Hey Apple, have a look at what Samsung has been doing on the hardware side.) If only I wasn’t so invested into the Apple ecosystem!?

  • Michal

    wont lie, this change makes me a little angry inside.

  • Jack

    Care to elaborate what Samsung has been doing on the hardware side which is not blatantly copied from the iPhone

  • Marco

    time to watch Angry Birds?

  • johnnygoodface

    To allow real digital music (DAC and AMP included in the lighting port). Also this should allow a water proof design. Also you should get either an adaptor (3.5mm-Lightning) in the box or lighting earbods, or maybe both so you’ll be able to use your old headphones. That would be cool is Apple would include Bluetooth “wireless” headphone, since the rumour is that Apple is working on their own version of the Bluetooth chips that would allow longer listening time without charging your earbuds.

  • MrBambinoDent

    I have the same question, can’t see anything groundbreaking in their latest phones! Their phones are nice for sure, just not my cup of tea, then again nothing astonishing in my opinion!