Mechanical Watchmaker Doesn’t Consider Apple Watch a Threat to Traditional Watches



Founder and CEO of Martenero John Tarantino sat down with The Verge to discuss his initial opinions about the Apple Watch.

Martenero is a mechanical watch company that is based in New York City that sells customizable watches for around $500. During the interview, The Verge asked Tarantino about his thoughts on how the Apple Watch may impact the mechanical watch market.


Both the Apple Watch and the mechanical watches Tarantino sells are roughly the same price. Right now, Tarantino does not consider the Apple Watch to be a threat to the traditional watch market. However, he said that the category is one that he will be paying close attention to, and it would be silly for him to ignore it.

Even though the price points on the watches are similar, Tarantino says that they appeal to a completely different set of people.

“If there’s a threat, it’s more to that — I’m picking an arbitrary number — 25-and-under crowd. People who maybe down the line would be interested in a mechanical watch, but they’re not there yet. If they get hooked on something like this early, that could mean potential trouble for the mechanical watch market.”

Tarantino believes that the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition will never have the same effect as a traditional gold timepiece, like the ones offered by Rolex and many other watchmakers. After a year when Apple comes out with a new generation of the device, he believes that the device will lose its timelessness. The original gold Apple Watch you bought years ago will not have the same effect as pulling out an older gold mechanical watch. The mechanical watch is timeless because the aesthetics and functionality never change.


The Verge also asked Tarantino if he will end up purchasing an Apple Watch. Here is his response:

“I probably am going to buy it. I am very curious. I probably will. I’ll probably wear it for a couple weeks and see. But I will not be buying the $10,000 Edition, and I’m fascinated to see who actually buys that.”

The Apple Watch went up for pre-order on Friday, April 10 and sold out within 6 hours. Estimated shipping times for the device have now been pushed back to June/July. Anyone can make an appointment to try on an Apple Watch at any Apple retail store location, whether you pre-ordered the device or not. The company has equipped their retail stores in nine countries with special hands-on tables designed specifically for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will hit store shelves on April 24. The new wearable device from Apple will range in price from $350 (US) to $17,000 (US) and is the company’s first new major product category in five years. Be sure to read the entire interview with Tarantino from this link.


  • OliChabot

    I don’t think the luxury market such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Hublot and Patek should really be threathened. The 300-600$ market that is Michael Kors, Nixon, Diesel, etc. should be since if someone wants a nice watch, they might prefer going with an electronic one rather than a mechanical.

  • Canucks Canucks

    Michael Kors, Marc Jacob, Diesel, and etc don’t make watches. They all came from the same sources and just put their own stickers on the watches. So for them to charge such high price, they deserve to lose market share.

    For those who would pay $10,000 on an Apple watch over a Rolex or a Panerai, they are out of their mind.

  • In general, it is a threat. I agree that people spending $10K+ on a watch that last 1-2yrs are crazy (but we all know there are many ultra rich people out there who CAN throw away $10K with a blink of an eye) I find it rather sad… $10K can buy so much for so many people. I think the threat is not just Apple Watches. I am eyeing on a Moto 360 which i can put a Rolex Watch Face on it. It looks so cool. It makes me want to wear a watch again! I have been off watches for a few years now..

  • ShaBi

    Some developer did that early on already. They made a lot of watch faces of luxury brands like Rolex for Android Wear, then rather quickly, these companies got together and warned the developer to take them off because of copyright infringement. After that, no one dares to do it anymore.

  • ShaBi

    If someone wants a nice watch, they wouldn’t go to Michael Kors, Nixon, Diesel, etc. anyways…. Also, if someone wants a nice watch, they WILL choose a mechanical one, because that’s where the money’s at. That’s why they are expensive, because it’s mechanical.

  • Sorry to hear that. But my friend just downloaded some the other day and using it atm.

  • ShaBi

    Completely agree!! I know for a fact that Fossil makes watches for Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Diesel, and even Burberry. Fossil’s watches are usually $100-$200, but the other brands charges way more just cause they have their brand’s name on it, even though it’s basically the same watch.

  • Why wouldn’t they go for those brands? I think every other young person owns a diesel or an mk watch some point in their lives. If you are talking about a “nice” watch in your opinion that’s a different story.

  • ShaBi

    Nice. I guess it’s true that when things goes on the internet, it stays on the internet.

  • ShaBi

    My answer is at my other reply to Canucks.
    A young person wouldn’t know as much, most just buys it cause of the branding. Not the mechanics of the watch itself.