Alphabet’s Nest Unveils Completely Redesigned, Cheaper Thermostat E


Nest has unveiled the Thermostat E, a new version of its smart home thermostat that’s designed to be more accessible to consumers thanks to its more affordable price.

Six years ago, the company unveiled its $249 Nest Learning Thermostat. Less than three years later, Google paid $3.2 billion for the company. Since then, the smart-device maker, now a subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet, has drawn widespread criticism for being slow to revamp its product line.

The new Nest Thermostat E sells for $169, $80 less than its original device. The white-and-gray E blends into the background – it’s meant to appeal to customers who don’t feel the urge to chat about their thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat E works in the same way – by learning to match the temperature to people’s schedules and preferences, the smart heating system can ensure that the home is toasty when people need it to be, and cool when they don’t, theoretically cutting heating bills considerably.

Nest ships the Thermostat E with a pre-set schedule, designed to start saving you money right out the box. However, you’re able to change the schedule, and control all aspects of the Thermostat E using the companion app for Android and iOS, or via smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The main difference between the Nest Thermostat E and the third generation Nest before it is the look. Gone is the glitzy metal frame, replaced by a white plastic which Nest says is supposed to feel ceramic, but blend in with the white emulsion of most people’s walls. To that end, the screen is also white – or rather, it’s covered by a diffuser to give the impression of a white screen.

The Nest Thermostat E is available in the US now for $169 USD, with worldwide pricing and availability yet to be confirmed (it’s showing up as $229 CAD on Those in Alberta can get a $100 rebate on the Nest.

Check out a video of the thermostat in action below.


  • Chrome262

    I have the original and i live it, it doesn’t integrate with apple home kit, so that sucks, but it integrates with the smoke detector. This version seems to have all the functionality of the first one but cheaper by 100 bucks, plus the rebate, Enbridge in Ontario is giving one as well, you could get this for 129. I personally like the look of the old one.

  • misterklubhead

    any info on how to get the $100 rebate in Alberta?

  • Sly C

    Would love one of these but being in Quebec our heating is electric with a thermostat in every room. Until they make a cheaper dumb version that can be controlled by the master then I’m just going to have to continue to wait.

  • Dr_AL

    I’ve fooled HomeKit to work with the best through homebridge (NodeJS server running on a Mac on the network) which made me keep it on the wall. Also integrates the first gen protects that I bought into HomeKit.

    I have the original nest thermostat and they have yet to convince me to get a new one. There’s no great reason to get a new one. They all do the same thing. This one is no different, just all white and missing a few minor things than the higher price model.

  • Chrome262

    I would do that, but i don’t really want to run another machine just for the server. I could buy a bridge i guess. but for not i only have the two devices so its ok.

  • Richard Graham Poster

    My Nest came off the wall the instant I learned it was bought by Google. I’m very happy with my new honeywell smart thermostat.

  • Richard Graham Poster

    Honeywell makes a very good smart thermostat that works with Homekit