New Images Claim to Be the First Complete ‘Budget iPhone’ Leak [PICS]


The so called ‘leaks’ of Apple’s rumoured ‘budget’ iPhone, ‘lower-cost’ iPhone, iPhone ‘lite’ or whatever you want to call it have made their rounds about the interwebs more than normal as of late.

Previously we’ve shown you two videos of this rumoured lower-cost plastic iPhone shell in both white and green. But those hands-on videos composed of just the incomplete outer shell.

According to the Tactus, they have posted newer images of what they claim to be the ‘first leaked images of the budget iPhone’. What makes these images different is the unit looks complete with a screen, we can see the volume rocker buttons, ring/silent switch, SIM card slot and what appears to be the headphone jack and Lightning connectors in place.



On the back, we see the camera, flash and FCC markings on the bottom of the case.


…and here it is compared to the iPhone 5:


What is missing are images of the sleep/wake button on the top. Actually, you can see it here from TaoBao–because this is the exact same unit you can buy for 150 yuan (about $25 CDN) or less! The site is littered with tonnes of these exact same models, cases or whatever you want to call them.

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Of course, everyone is going to claim they have actual leaks leading up to this fall, when Apple is expected to release an updated iPhone 5S and possibly this polycarbonate-backed ‘budget’ iPhone. A recent report over at iFun ‘claims’ two new iPhone models will be released on September 6th. Take it for what it’s worth. Apple CEO Tim Cook has reiterated for a while now new products are coming this fall and throughout 2014.

What do you think? Just another well-made knock off? Bring on the crazy rumours!


  • K3

    “and possibly this polycarbonate-backed ‘budget’ iPhone.”

    Thank you for using that P word man the other P(lastic) just sounds cheap. Something looks a little off with the camera/ flash holes but if this is legit wonder how that might discolor after using for a few months.

    So who has the translucent housing pics? ????

  • Bbrysucks

    Not only the camera area but the bottom around the lightning port looks completely off. Something like a Chinese knockoff company would produce.

  • WatDah

    The “holes” at the bottom doesn’t even go through. There’s no screws either.

    Look carefully and you’ll notice the iPhone 5 is not even real. It’s one of those toy/sample phone people use on display. You can tell by the uneven and poorly punctured holes; the dark gray colored frame with the chrome edge missing; the horrible colors on the “screen” (because its just a print out); the grayish color of the body; the chrome outline for Lightning plug is missing.

    Have a look at your own damn phone, or google white iPhone 5 pics, and see for yourself.

    So much is wrong with these pics, how anybody think this is real is totally beyond me.

    And sorry, by “you” I mean people in general.

  • Bbrysucks

    Yes. Coming back I also just noticed the model a1428 on the back. Lol

  • WatDah

    And those fonts are rather bold for an Apple product, no? =)