Analyst: iPhone 5S, Budget iPhone Expected in September Along with iPad 5

According to the latest research note by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo (via AppleInsider), the next generation iPhone 5S has faced production difficulties due to component orders and assembly problems, thus leading to an expected late-September launch of 32 million units, resulting in a short supply at launch.

Meanwhile, the rumoured ‘budget’ iPhone which will be made with a plastic back, is set to launch in early September as its construction is rumoured to be sooner due to a less complex manufacturing and will be priced at $450-$550, with an estimated 26 million units at launch.

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Back in April, the analyst also mentioned delays would hit the iPhone 5S, budget iPhone and second generation iPad mini due to production issues. Today’s report updates the timeline for a predicted scheduled release.

The report also notes a Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pro is scheduled to release in mid-September along with a similar Haswell iMac in Late August. As for the fifth generation iPad, that is expected to debut in early September with 13 million units.

Earlier, Digitimes reported the next 9.7-inch iPad and possibly the Retina iPad mini would arrive in October, but this report has no mention of the latter, thus lowering expectations of a high resolution 7.9-inch iPad until 2014.