Samsung Smartphone Users on Twitter Reportedly Happier Than iPhone Users


Is there any correlation between the smartphone you are using and how happy you are? According to data analyzed by LikeFolio, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users appear happier than iPhone users.

LikeFolio uses social-data research to discover consumer trends on public companies, in this case measuring how positively consumers are reacting to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.”

Basically, it seems like they are taking tweets which express how happy or unhappy they are with their smartphones.

As you can see in the graph above, it shows how for the most part, Samsung Galaxy users appear to be posting more positive/happier tweets compared to that of iPhone users. The sharp dip in the chart for Samsung shows the point in time when the company was dealing with the exploding Note 7 fiasco.

However, the dissatisfaction that took place after that fiasco did not seem to last long as satisfaction levels quickly rebounded back to previous levels.

[via Yahoo Finance]


  • Riddlemethis

    yeah, they’re happier. android apps take much much less ram and storage. the apps cost much less than iOS versions. besides, there’s more repositories with android to obtain premium pro versions of the app for free.

    it’s been proven again and again that people especially consumers are easily manipulated and quickly forgive or forget unethical, unjust behaviour. they want to believe that big corporations really look out for their customers best interests. most people would rather believe comforting lies than unpleasant truths.

  • I dunno…. I’m pretty happy getting OS updates right away, and for longer than 1-2 years.

  • KBlazer07

    Because Apple is more ethical than anybody else out there. I guess tax evasion and using companies that continually break child labour laws don’t count … 😉

  • poopchute

    No surprise there.
    Your typical Android user is going to be much less discerning by nature.
    And the type of people that buy Apple products are generally much more demanding of quality.

  • Dehop

    Very true. I’m generally happy with my iPhone, the Mac, and Apple, but when I run into something I don’t like about it (and there are plenty) I don’t hold back.

    I don’t hold back when I run into Windows or Android flaws either, but my bar for both is much, much lower.

  • This is also based only on tweets posted from said smartphones. How many users don’t tweet from their phone (with the device attached to the tweet)? Not a good survey.

  • FragilityG4

    What tax evasion? You must be referring to what’s taking place in Ireland. Well that was Apple and the Irish government making a deal that would see Apple pay little to no tax. The EU stepped in and said that the deal was no good. I hardly call that tax evasion.

    Child labour? Apple makes a deal with the likes of Foxxcon for a price and timeline. Foxxcon in the interest of yielding the most profits makes these decisions to use child labour. Don’t kid yourself into believing Apple had an knowledge of this happening. Don’t tell me they should have been checking in because I’m sure they were but I would imagine that a company such as Foxxcon knowing they could face repercussions would hide these unethical practices.

    Now on the Samsung end, have you heard what’s happen to their CEO?

  • KBlazer07

    Very much aware of the Samsung CEO. As far as the Ireland situation, you can’t tell me that Apple lawyers didn’t know they were breaking laws with that deal. I’m sure they knew that eventually they would have to repay the money (interest savings alone on $15 Billion over however many years). As for the Foxconn situation, if it happened once, fine, but this is at least the third time they’ve been caught. At what point do the ethics kick in and you cut ties. Apple is in no way in as bad of a mess as Samsung is in (not even close). My point is that Apple also has some demons under the rug, so we shouldn’t kid ourselves. Industry is cut throat, ethics usually take a hit here and there and it comes down to how hard the news will impact a company and what will it cost to repair the damage.

  • Kris

    That is not necessarily true. I have both a (personal) Samsung Galaxy S7 and an iPhone 7 for work. I’ve previously only bought iPhones in the past but was impressed with the high quality of Samsung’s hardware in particular….especially now that they are producing premium metal-and-glass encased phones like Apple (I wasn’t a fan of old plastic models). Not all Android users are buying low-end phones. There is a market for premium Android phones too (which are often cheaper with some better hardware specs than most iPhones). Android and Touchwiz aren’t as good as iOS but they’ve come a long way and are much better than they used to be. It’s good enough for my purposes.

  • huddyrocks

    I would say most people don’t care that much about corporate affairs, only how the device can fit their lifestyle and budget.