Telegraph: Apple Watch Effectively Motivates Users to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle



The Telegraph’s Rhiannon Williams has posted a review of the Apple Watch’s fitness features. Williams says that the gentle coaxing and achievements makes leading a healthy lifestyle a lot easier.

Williams says that the Apple Watch is definitely one of the most attractive fitness tracking devices on the market. The wearable device uses an accelerometer to track your body movement. In addition, the device uses photodiode sensors to measure your heart rate. The lack of built-in GPS is something a lot of reviewers have been disappointed with, however, the Apple Watch does a good job at tracking your activity without your iPhone.

“While this doesn’t bother me because I use my phone to play music while running, it may come as a disappointment to those used to trackers with in-built GPS.”


The Apple Watch offers users incentives that will help them complete various exercise targets. The Workout app offers you a variety of workouts to choose from and will allow you to set a target goal to strive for as you are exercising.

“Once you’ve selected your activity, you’re given the option to set the amount of calories you want to burn, distance you want to cover or time you want to exercise for, as well as a specific goal you want to achieve before pressing Start. I chose to put it through its paces through a mixture of running outdoors – my preferred form of exercise – and a series of ‘Other’ workouts geared towards calorie burn.

During your run, lifting your wrist towards you wakes it and displays the length of time you’ve been chugging away, the distance you’ve covered, the calories burned and your heartbeat. When you’re halfway through your workout, the Watch taps you to let you know. It also does this for every mile you run (the default setting), and once you complete your allotted goal.”


The Activity app will monitor how many calories you burned (Move), how many minute of activity above a brisk walk you’ve accumulated during the day (Exercise), and how minutes you’ve stood up and walked around (Stand).

“I like the fact that Activity only counts ‘brisk’ exercise towards your daily goal, and discounts meandering around the office that shouldn’t really be counted. In the past, I’ve found fitness trackers which measure movement purely by the number of steps you’ve taken, e.g. working towards a slightly arbitrary 10,000 step goal per day, haven’t taken account of the intensity of movement, so this was a welcome improvement.

Apple bills the app as a motivational tool for helping you move around more, mainly through tapping you if you’ve been sedentary for the first 50 minutes of an hour to remind you to walk around for a minute to meet your minimum of 12 minutes standing per half day. A feature which initially seems quite annoying, it quickly becomes part of your work day, and is as good an excuse as any to take a stroll or make a tea. However, I found it reminded me to stand up almost immediately after sitting down on a couple of occasions, suggesting it’s not always entirely accurate, and some people may truly hate the nagging reminders.”

Overall, Williams finds the fitness features of the Apple Watch to be effective and they’ve helped her live a healthier life. Be sure to read the full review from this link.


  • Tim

    I’d rather see data over time than this writer’s anecdotes. The Nike fuel band and the fitbit work too for a little while, but they eventually find their way into a drawer somewhere.

  • I’m finding myself being more active with Apple Watch. Gamifying fitness is pretty neat as the watch does a good job of tracking your movement. The convenience is it’s built into the watch and you’re always wearing it.

  • Riddlemethis

    Pft. Only those that want to be motivated are the one’s who likely will be motivated. For those couch potato nerds or geeks who don’t do any exercise the watch won’t motivate them. Make no mistake. Besides, the Apple Watch is rather fugly looking to me.

  • I’m in the same boat. I found at work the I apparently walk 13Km a day, burn about 1,200 movement calories. Not that I really cared about this, but subconsciously I’m now looking at my food labels to see how many calories I’m consuming, and seeing if I can’t being it down a bit. All this because of the Apple watch, and the nice way it catalogs this stuff for me. I’m not a health nut, but the Apple watch really does help guide you down a better road, if you’re willing to walk it.

  • My metal silver Moto 360 defiantly looks better, I give you that. However, I’m finding the Apple Watch does more behind the scenes work the more and more I use it.

    Like all tech, Androids, iPhones, etc, it all comes down to what’s better for us as individuals, and that’s what makes this age of technology so exciting 😀 !

  • Kirk

    I will admit I have a very health obsession with filling my activity rings everyday on my apple watch… So I would say the proof is in the pudding for sure.. I love getting the awards too. I like the daily reports and the nudges it gives you when you reach a ring goal… Love it!

  • Apple Watch already had helped me lose a few pounds from increased activity. For real!

  • Kirk

    We sound like spokespeople from an infomercial lol. But it’s true! I’m totally hooked. I was already pretty active but this is just icing on the cake. I’m going for the all mighty award when you clear all three rings for each day in a week!

  • Apple Watch brings out the Billy Mays in me (may he RIP)!