Watch Tim Cook’s Interview on CNBC’s Mad Money, Parts 1 and 2 [VIDEO]


A couple days ago Apple CEO Tim Cook was on CNBC’s Mad Money to speak exclusively with host Jim Cramer about the company. A picture from the interview is currently CNBC’s background image on their Twitter account.

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Despite Apple’s 2016 Q2 earning over $50 billion in revenue and $10 billion in profit, it was the first time the company saw a decline in revenue in 13 years, which of course did not meet Wall Street’s expectations.

Appearing on CNBC’s Mad Money was essentially Cook’s way to reassure investors that Apple is not ‘doomed’. Cook discussed a wide range of topics with Cramer, which you can see in both video segments below (the second part was uploaded yesterday).


  • Tim

    I don’t understand why any respected individual would appear on TV with Jim Kramer, especially Tim Cook.

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