What Your Favourite Apps May Look Like On Apple Watch [PICS]



Various designers of the Thinkapps community have released concept images of what your favourite apps may look like running on an Apple Watch.

The companies behind the two most popular messaging apps, Facebook Messenger and Skype, will more than likely be creating Apple Watch specific versions of their apps.

The concept images of Facebook Messenger depict the app displaying chat heads in a bubble like fashion, much like the icons on the home screen on Apple’s new wearable device. The app will probably include a way to reply to any incoming messages using voice dictation.


The Skype concept design shows some similarities to the Facebook Messenger app, including a way to answer incoming messages with voice dictation. The app will probably also include a way to answer or dismiss incoming calls.


Designers from the Thinkapp community also show how two ride sharing platforms, Uber and Lyft, may work on the Apple Watch.

A big part of the Apple Watch are the health and fitness features which allows users to track data, like steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate, and sync it with the Health app included on all iPhones running iOS 8. Here is a concept image which shows how fitness-tracking app Moves may look on the Apple Watch.


The designers have also included a concept for YouTube, which seems like an impractical app for your a wearable device like a watch. The screen on the Apple Watch wouldn’t be suitable for watching YouTube videos. None the less, the designers have come up with a great (but probably impractical) design for a YouTube app for the Apple Watch. Check out the concept images below:


The Thinkapp community has also included concepts for apps like Beats, Yelp, Spotify, Twitter, Tinder, and Pinterest. Check out the rest of the concept designs on the Thinkapp Blog.

One month ago, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch at a media event. Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage with great excitement, calling this the next chapter in Apple’s story.


The Apple Watch will be available in early 2015 in three models: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition which is said to cot as much as $1200. The base model of the Apple Watch is set to start at $349 USD.


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