Gmail for iPhone Updated with Mobile Signature, Scribble Feature, Numerous Fixes


When Gmail for iPhone hit the App Store, it failed to impress and was pulled due to the app not working as advertised.

Gmail for iOS has now received yet another update, with this one being the most significant. New changes include better label management, a new notification sound for incoming mail, mobile signature, vacation responder, and a new ‘scribble’ feature (on the iPad) to top off bug fixes and other UI improvements.

Still though, even with this update integration with Notification Center in iOS 5 is still lacking. The only thing this app is good for is searching your Gmail account if you’re a heavy user. The Gmail team is still working hard on bringing new features though:

Behind the scenes, we’re continuing to work on highly requested features like banner notifications, multiple login support and the ability to send-as from any account already configured in Gmail. We want to make sure these are done right as we continue to improve the Gmail app.

Click here to download Gmail for iOS. It’s free. Anyone using this app at all?


  • JackSz

    Well, how about not turning off the notifications’ sound effect even if it’s off in Settings? Anyone noticed? Or is it just me…?

  • Houdini

    It’s funny you mention the ‘scribble’ feature without describing what that actually is.

  • I don’t see the point in a half-ass gmail application when you can just read your emails through the native mail application.

  • Ben Senise

    At least one thing works on this app that Apple STILL can’t get right: when I read an email on one device, it marks as read on all the others!

  • Jbohn

    My emails are marked properly as read Ben. Not sure why they aren’t for you. What type is your email account?

  • Laserheart

    If you use POP email, then it doesn’t track that, but if you use IMAP email then it will.  This is the setting for your email server that has to be set.  Normally, I believe IMAP is the default but I have seen POP come up once in a while as well.

  • Dale

    Because the native email app does not support many of the features that make Gmail the best email portal out there.   Granted, this release does not have enough features to make me abandon the native app on my 4S…. yet, but if they support most of the label, search, archive vs delete,  send using various gmail accounts, etc. features, I will definitely be switching to the Gmail app assuming it can tie into notifications on the Fascist Apple IOS structure.  😉

  • Hey Dale,
    So if im reading your reply right you can delete in the gmail application rather than just archiving as it does in the native mail application? Which is attractive im tired of only archiving. Finally any other notable features in the Gmail app?

  • Dale

    You can also apply labels to the email on the iPhone app as it is working now.  You have an option to archive, or delete that email.  The Menu button gives you quick access to all your label/folders as well.:-)
    What I don’t know yet is how much it will store locally or whether it relies on a web connection.  I rely on being able to search and access my mail for information/data even if I am out of cell range.  I will find that out when I get time to put my phone in Airplane mode 🙂

  • Dale

    The only thing I don’t like about the basic Gmail app for the iPhone is that when you reply to an email it appends >> infront of the email history which I hate.  10 replies to the same email and the history has >>>>>>>>>> appended infront of the historical messages, it makes copying the information a total pain in the arse as the >>>> need to be removed.
    The iPhone native app does not append >>> infront of historical message information.  I hope they provide an option to fix this as I don’t think I will reply to an email in the Gmail app with it on as it polutes my email history.

    I do like the scribe function where it essentially integrates Paint into the app where you can draw , spray paint etc. pics to embed in the email.

  •  when i open the gmail ,is it still work for the google talk?

  • Hey Dale it is a pretty good app; though, I find I often have trouble deleting emails. When I swipe to the side I often pull out the side menu. This alone drove me away from the app, but if there’s a trick to deleting without having to swipe 10 times I’d happily go back to the GMail app