Review: Dinky Ball for iPhone


Don’t leave yet. I know the name sounds horrible, Dinky, but I promise that once you start playing the game Dinky Ball, it will be hard to put it down. I played for 45 minutes and only stopped because my battery died!


Dinky Ball by Pirogue Studio

Dinky Ball is hands down one of the most addicting games I have ever played on the iPhone. It reminds me of something from, in which you start playing, you think that it is pretty good and then 45 minutes later, you’re still playing.

Dinky Ball is a puzzle/racing platformer set in a 3D environment, though you could argue for 2.5D. The objective is simple: Get your ball to the red square before the time runs out.

Game PlayGame Play 2Game Play 3

To get the ball to its intended location, you simply tilt your iPhone left or right in the direction that you want to move. The circular platforms that you are on are suspended in the air and the ball will not fall off the edges as you are moving it around. The only time where you can drop off the platform is where there is a clear gap in the path of platforms.

Each level, 60 included, has a time limit and the time varies depending on the type of obstacles in the level. Tapping on the screen as you are rolling allows the ball to jump, as there are obstacle platforms that you need to hop over. However, there are also special platforms that have different attributes that can slow you down or speed you up so fast that you miss your target. I will list some of the obstacle platforms below:

  • Black Platform: Slows down the ball
  • White Platform: Speeds up the ball
  • Blue Platform: Extra jump height


You can tell when you are approaching a special platform since the entire level is all one color except for these certain special areas.

Some of the levels are easier than others, especially in the beginning, but as you progress through the game, the levels become tricky. It quickly becomes important to be aware of your surroundings and have a quick finger for jumps.

Get ReadyHurry Up

The game also includes four save slots that store your current levels, so for example if you quit the app, you can continue from where you left off using one of four save slots.

Level SaveOptions

However as addicting as the game is, it does come with two issues. First and foremost, there is no way to return to the menu or pause during game play. This was a problem for me as the only way to “pause” or go back was to quit the app entirely. Second, you cannot navigate through completed levels, which means you can only start at Level 1 or continue where you ended.

Overall, Dinky Ball provides highly addicting game play with decent visuals and sounds but it is the puzzle/race aspect of the game that makes it a win for me. You get a solid challenge racing against the clock and clearing obstacles. While the issues listed above are not too troublesome, they do get annoying, especially the pause thing. But other than that, the game delivers a simple but great experience that kept me rolling. Oh and the name really should be changed…Dinky?

Dinky Ball is scored a 3.5 out of 5.


I am going to giveaway one (1) copy of this highly addictive game! To win, simply comment below on the following:

What extremely addicting games do you play now on your iPhone?


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  • GC

    “though you could argue for 2.5D”

    I never knew it was possible to have half a dimension!

  • Dusty

    I like these types of games but I do get bored of them soon. Looks like it can be challenging though.

    As for What extremely addicting games do you play now on your iPhone? O boy! lol

    Its amazing how many Devs have been releasing games daily for the iPhone, I just can't try every game now 🙁 lol
    Fps and Rpg games are my type right now, as racing games are great too!

  • Topple is a fun game i use

  • pbednarek

    Addicting game I'm playing right now? Space Invaders: Infinity Gene. Expensive (for an iPhone game), but very addictive. Check it out.

  • bcb

    I can't stop playing FlightControl

  • george_w

    I'm addicted to Flight Control… simple gameplay, easy to pick up for a few minutes at a time.

  • Flight Control is a game that my family can't stop playing on the iPhone. Every so often it is upgraded with new airports and runways as well. Now play two player version via bluetooth or wifi.

  • ftheroux

    FlightControl and F.A.S.T. are both great.

  • tyreid

    Looks pretty cool man…

  • Tim C

    For some reason I keep playing iMobsters…Tap Tap Revenge is always fun too.

  • unlogik

    “2.5D” is when there are 3D graphics that are played on a 2D plane (with limited depth).

    See Shadow Complex from the XBLA.

  • g_ram

    I'm pretty addicted to the game Mr. Ahhhhhh

  • Our winner:

    – pbednarek


  • g_ram

    I'm pretty addicted to the game Mr. Ahhhhhh

  • Ex

    Our winner:

    – pbednarek