Apple Watch Series 1 Price Drop in Canada: Now Starts at $329; Series 2 Axed


As for Series 2, the line has been axed, pushing users towards the regular Series 3 version, which now has starting prices cheaper than before.
More price drops were also seen today, as Apple Watch Series 1 saw a $30 drop for both 38mm and 42mm models:
  • 38mm for $329 (was $359)
  • 42mm for $369 (was $399)
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Again, if you’ve been holding out for an Apple Watch, the price has definitely dropped since its original debut in March of 2015, when Sport models started at $449/$519 CAD for 38mm and 42mm versions.
Last March, Apple dropped Canadian Apple Watch entry pricing by $50, and now we are seeing it even cheaper. You can bet Series 1 versions will be hot sellers this holiday season.
Apple CEO Tim Cook said on stage today, Apple Watch is now the number one watch worldwide.


  • FragilityG4

    I was hoping Series 2 would drop to Series 1’s price point…. but if that had happened why would anyone buy Series 3 without cellular.

  • Ned K.

    When I see someone with an Apple Watch on, I automatically assume the person uses iPhone, iPad, and Macbook – basically an iSheep.

  • Sounds about right

  • It’s Me

    And this bothers you somehow?

  • VisitableElf

    He states on an iPhone news site

  • K.

    You can still find some Series 2 refurbs on Apple.

  • Good point!

  • Paul

    Yes but at the moment they cost more refurbished ($539 and $589 for 42mm) than Series 3 with cellular let alone GPS only model.

  • Gio

    If you want to swim with it and don’t want to pay a monthly fee to use cellular better buy the cheaper Series 3.

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah, but I was hoping the Series 2 (water resistant) would drop to the Series 1 price.