More 42mm Apple Watch Sport Space Grey Preorders ‘Preparing for Shipment’


Did you stay up to preorder your 42mm Apple Watch Sport on April 10 (boy, that feels like ages ago)? A handful were able to get their orders to arrive by the April 24 launch day, while a later batch of orders received theirs the following Wednesday, three business days later (including ours). We’re talking preorders placed within minutes of the preorder going live here, folks.

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Now, it appears more April 10 midnight preorders have started to gain traction, as many have now moved into the ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase. The expected delivery dates still show a timeline of May 21 to June 2, but knowing Apple these watches will probably arrive sooner.

We’ve had our 42mm Space Grey Sport for just over a week now, and we must say the Space Grey colour scheme and black band is awesome. The Sport band is our favourite, more so than the Milanese Loop, Leather Classic Buckle and Link Bracelet. The only band we found a close second was the Leather Loop, after giving all of these a quick try-on at an Apple Store.

Apple’s online store is currently showing the 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey as ‘Available to Ship’ in July. Has your April 10 preorder for this particular model moved into ‘preparing for shipment’ yet?

You can read our first impressions with Apple Watch and also our review of one week with the device. Video tutorials of Apple Watch can be seen here, filmed by our own Kris Meador.


  • davebrook

    Yes! Mine just shipped this morning! Order at 8mins after.

  • Josiah Kenley

    Also ordered at 8 minutes after. No shipment yet.

  • Nice! Did you get a UPS tracking number? When’s the expected delivery?

  • davebrook

    Yep, tracking number and will arrive on Tuesday. BTW, because I’ve not seen this anywhere, here is the process. 1) your apple order from goes to “Preparing to ship” (and you an no longer cancel your order. 2) your account will get charged (these both may happen at the same time) 3) the next day you will get a tracking number and when it will arrive.

  • David Hunt

    Mine shipped on Friday for delivery on Monday. Saw the charge happen Friday morning and it shipped that afternoon.

  • Jimmy

    I got mine last week! A whole week early.

  • FutureMedia

    Got mine Tuesday April 28. Ordered 12:03am. Love it.

  • Kenrik

    Ordered April 10th, 5min After and still no shipment. Apple is not shipping these orders in the order received but rather when your bank got off it’s ass and completed the pre-auth.

  • Ryan

    Pre-Ordered on April 12. No confirmation. It just says available to ship in June. Anybody like me?

  • Mitch Derr

    Ordered April 10 12:02am still “Preparing for Shipment”

  • Alberto Romano

    Ordered on April 13, expected for June, no news yet.