iPhone Coming to Canada in July to Rogers & Apple Resellers

I warned you this was going to happen–more iPhone speculation and rumors about the date when Canada will get the iPhone. According to an anonymous source that contacted me (that’s all I can say for now), the iPhone will be sold in July in Canada (or was it June?!), with availability coming from Apple Stores, Apple Resellers (E.G. Future Shop–my previous post), and Rogers Wireless locations.

As for pricing, monthly voice plans are supposed to be expensive ($69+) and–get ready…data will be $19.99/month, BUT capped at 1GB! Aside from the above information, that was all my source was able to inform me. We do know that Rogers is getting the iPhone–it’s a matter of when.

If the speculation above is true, that would equal a tremendous amount of places where you can buy the iPhone in Canada. We’re talking every single Rogers Wireless location and possibly even other Rogers outlets, such as Rogers Video. Don’t forget authorized Apple Resellers which includes giants like Future Shop, London Drugs (out West), Best Buy, and the handful of Apple Stores coast to coast (Vancouver’s first Apple Store is opening soon).

The part about plans at $69/month sound plausible, however a $19.99/month data plan capped at 1GB might cause a few riots in the streets around here. Although much cheaper than the $65/1GB plan, it would be a start in the right direction of seeing falling data rates (Canada has the world’s most expensive data rates–something we’re all very proud of–next to hockey, bacon, beavers, and maple syrup).

With so many different stories and rumors about when the iPhone will be sold in Canada, what’s your guess?

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