3G iPhone Predictions from the WWDC

As most of you know, I work full time and this blog is my pet project when I have some spare time on my hands. Anyways, I will be working when the 2008 Apple WWDC starts at 10AM PST. That means I won’t get a chance to see Steve Jobs pull the 2nd-generation iPhone out of his pocket (or maybe a Manilla envelope like the Macbook Air?!) live via the web.

In that case, any reporting will most likely come the next day or when I get home. Since I won’t be able to live chat it up with you fine folks via the Official 2008 Apple WWDC thread over at the iPhoneinCanada.ca Forums, I’m going to post my 3G iPhone predictions and see how close they become to the real deal as of 10am PST. Don’t forget to remember my post about How to Prepare for the iPhone Announcement!

iPhoneinCanada.ca Predictions for the 2nd Generation iPhone

Given the extensive amount of rumors and speculation…here’s my take on what we might expect tomorrow. Let’s see how many I get right (or wrong!)…this is more of a wish list!

-3G transfer speeds in a thinner design with better battery life
-Elimination of 8GB models and new 16GB/32GB 3G iPhones
-Full onboard GPS; Better speakers and louder ringer
-Front mount camera for video-enabled iChat; picture messaging
-improved higher megapixel camera with flash
-Pricing will be $299 for the 16GB and $399 for the 32GB (subsidizing is going to be possible…read at the Financial Times)
-New colors: Black and White

As for the latest “leaked” 3G iPhone pictures, certain retailers have been receiving “mysterious” boxes from Apple stating not to be opened until a certain date. These pictures do not look real, but it’s pretty funny what people will do to generate even more iPhone buzz! Take a look for yourself…maybe these pics are real and will appear tomorrow? Not a chance, as Apple is pretty darn good at keeping secrets. Enjoy nonetheless (thanks web-mobile.net!):

Whatever is announced tomorrow morning by Steve Jobs, be prepared to hear a torrent of countries that will be selling the iPhone–which will pretty much diminish the current unlocked iPhone market. You can bet your dinner that Canada will be on the list of countries tomorrow.

As for exact dates, that will be up to Rogers and how long it will take for them to implement the iPhone here. However, the buzz is that it will be here by the fall at the latest with revised data plans that won’t rob your wallet as bad as the current prices.

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