Top 5 Must Have iPhone 3G Apps via the App Store

The iPhone’s App Store has over 500 applications that are available to iPhone 3G users. There are lots of paid applications but there are a bunch that are free. Today we’re going to go over my Top 5 Must Have iPhone 3G Apps via the App Store! Let’s not waste time and get right into the list!

Top 5 Must Have iPhone 3G Apps via the App Store

1. Shazam – This free app is super cool and will make you “the man” at parties, and might even win over the ladies (or NOT!). Basically the program “listens” to any song and will identify the song name, artist, and album! I’ve tried the program in a car while people were chatting lightly and it was identifying songs on the radio with ease…SHAZAM!

2. Remote – This app is courtesy of your overlords at Apple. It’s a remote that will let your iPhone 3G control iTunes on your desktop/laptop wirelessly! It’s super neat and will make lazy people even lazier. I’m all for supporting the lazy movement and this app makes it super special.

It’s also super easy to use. Launch the program, add a library, enter a 4 digit passcode on your desktop/laptop and you’re good to go. You can add all the computers on your network. Time to have some fun and freak out your family/friends/roommates! Full control of iTunes with your iPhone 3G…awesome!

3. Twitterific – If you’re on Twitter, this is a must have app. Twitterific will let you post and respond to tweets. You can also tweet with pictures taken via the iPhone camera. This is the best Twitter app out there for the iPhone, and coupled with unlimited data you can sure have a lot of fun revealing your entire life to the world. Want to know what I’m doing through the day? Feel free to follow me on Twitter (creeeeppyy)!

4. Morocco (aka Reversi/Othello) – This classic game just never goes away and I can’t stop playing it. There are two apps available. One is named Othello and the other is Morocco. I like Morocco because it allows 2 player, allowing you to duke it out with a friend or family member. Tip: the corners are your friends!

5. iPint – For all you beer lovers out there, or the wannabe drinkers out there this app is for you. Created by the brewers of Carling beer in the UK, this app will let you have a “brewsky” when the real thing isn’t available. It takes advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer and after the pint has been poured, it’ll empty as if you’re drinking the real thing. Now this is how you get some viral marketing via the iPhone! [insert Homer Simpson voice] MMMM…..beeeerrr….

Honorable mention: Light (it’s a light btw) and PhoneSaber (allows you Star Wars freaks to get your light saber fix on the iPhone).

How did I take my screenshots? Click here to learn how I took these screenshots on my iPhone 3G.

These are some of my favorite free iPhone 3G apps via the App Store. I am sure they will change as new apps are being released everyday. What are some of your favorite free apps at the moment?

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