iPhone 3G Firmware 2.0.1 Update Released: Works GREAT!

FINALLY! Apple has a released their first update for firmware 2.0 today. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Ever since I’ve had my iPhone 3G it’s been very slow, sluggish, and would reboot by itself automatically at randome times (FAIL!). The firmware version 2.0.1 update is roughly a 250MB download and will fix some of the following issues iPhone 3G users have been experiencing:

* sluggish keyboard responsiveness
* lag in the Contacts application
* slow backups

How to Update your iPhone 3G Firmware to 2.0.1 via iTunes

Step 1: Launch iTunes (you should have version 7.7.1). Plug in your iPhone 3G
Step 2: iTunes will have a pop up that asks if you want to download and install the lastest firmware update to 2.0.1. Click YES!
Step 3: Let iTunes do the job. The 250MB update will download, install, then your iPhone 3G will reboot.
Step 4: Voila! Update completed (took me about 10 mins). Try syncing–you’ll notice it’s much faster now!

Direct firmware downloads:
First gen iPhone
iPhone 3G
iPod Touch users

Observations after Updating my iPhone 3G to Firmware 2.0.1

After updating my iPhone 3G firmware to 2.0.1, I tested out the sync. Previously my speed up your iTunes sycning post didn’t help people as expected. I was blown away at the speed my iPhone 3G was being backed up in iTunes. It was lightning fast and everything was completed in less than a minute!

The sluggish keyboard responsiveness is pretty much gone. It actually feels weird now being able to see the keyboard letters rise and fall so quickly now (in tune with my finger presses) when I type in emails and SMS. Contacts so far are pretty fast and no lag whatsoever. Also, I noticed when switching between pages in Safari the pages do not reload again, which will make you Google Reader users very happy (including yours truly!). Overall, the iPhone 3G is operating in a manner it should’ve been the day I took it out of the box.

I am going to test the battery life again and see if that will improve (I have another unit coming from Rogers!).

Special Note for Jailbroken iPhone Users

FYI, Pwnage and WinPwn are in the process of being updated to handle the new firmware update. So if you’re jailbroken and unlocked (first gen users), I’d hold off clicking update in iTunes. Just wait for an update to the jailbreaking game as always.

Now that Canada has the iPhone, having these worry free one click firmware updates are awesome. Yes, I know jailbreaking is pretty neat and has tonnes of advantages. However for what I’m using my iPhone 3G for right now I see no benefit to jailbreaking (aside from being able to use Customize).

I’m thinking back to the days of my first gen when I’d be scouring the forums for the easiest way to activate/jailbreak/unlock my iPhone when Apple released firmware updates. Those days are gone now that I can easily one click update in iTunes!

For those that have updated, how do your experiences compare to mine?

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