i.TV: TV and Movies Listings App for the iPhone and iPod Touch

About a month ago I got my hands on a HDPVR and since that time, I have been loving TV in HD and being able to set future recordings. One of the highlights of having digital TV is also the TV and movie listings guide. Well, can you imagine having that guide and some more on your iPhone? Well, that will soon become a reality when the TV and movie listings guide is launched by i.TV in the App Store!

Here are the features of i.TV:
– Media guidance–i.TV provides comprehensive television and movie
information, including: TV and movie listings, celebrity bios and images, and
movie theater show times.
– Community features–i.TV users can rate shows, write reviews and recommend
shows through an email alert to friends.
– Delivery of media directly to the end user–Watch movie trailers and TV
previews on your iPhone or iPod touch.

I installed the app on my iPhone and the setup was extremely easy. I selected Canada, then entered my postal code and started to download my local listings. Once that was finished you’ll have access to the same TV guide as your digital box, in the same format as well. As for movies, i.TV located all the theatres in my area (it will ask to use your Map Location) and listed the movies playing too. I found this to be better than the other Movies app in the App Store.

There is a social media aspect to i.TV as well. You can rate, review and recommend shows right on the listings themselves. You can also watch movie trailers right on your iPhone. I watched the trailer for No Country for Old Men right on my iPhone and it looked great.

The cool thing about i.TV is that it will be FREE when it launches. There is also a teaser option that shows buttons to watch, DVR, Remote, Alert, Rent, and Buy media right on your iPhone. I can only imagine the possibilities now once the features are fully integrated!

Check out the screenshots below. I must say we’ve been very lucky to have some cool free apps in the App Store lately!

i.TV will be launching anytime in the App Store. It’s a pretty neat app that is well thought out and has lots of good features. If you’re a TV junkie, then this would make the perfect companion to help plan out your weekly TV schedule!!

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