Fring: Skype/VoIP Calling on the iPhone is Back!

Did you ever use Fring during the jailbreak days of 1.1.4 firmware? Well, Fring was developed by an Israeli company and it allowed making Skype calls on your iPhone using WiFi. The version we reviewed at the time was pretty buggy but the concept itself was awesome. You could even call contacts on Google Talk, MSN, AIM, you name it!

Anyways, Fring has now made its debut in the App Store! The best part is that it’s FREE, plus there have been some considerable improvements in stability and the interface. It’s much easier to use and look at, plus with my trial of the app tonight it worked flawlessly.

I connected my Skype account and started making calls via WiFi using my SkypeOut account. I was able to call some family overseas and the clarity in the speaker was excellent! They could hear me very clearly as well. Obviously if your WiFi signal is strong it will work even better.

I also tested out making a voice call via Google Talk. I called one of my contacts via WiFi and that was great too. The chat function also works very well too with a very distinguishable notification tone. Fring has been much improved since its early days and this new version has gotten me HOOKED. Too bad at the moment Fring cannot make calls using 3G or EDGE. Imagine the pandemonium if people could use their data to call folks! We’d save some money that’s for sure!

Of course, now that Fring is available in the App Store that means no need to jailbreak to download the app! However, jailbreaking does have its benefits but it’s up to the user to decide if it’s worth it or not. Go get Fring and tell about your experience with it. This is a wicked application and one definitely worth owning an iPhone for!

You can read Fring’s iPhone user guide here.

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