Review: FS5 Hockey!

Hey all!

Today’s post will be a quick review of a fantastic new game that not only has brought me hours of fun but has actually made me some nice cash! Read on!

The game I am referring to above is called �FS5 Hockey�. It is a fantastic Air Hockey game that works just like the real game, but right off of your iPhone 3G! While there are a few Air Hockey games out there, this is the best one that I have tried and better yet, its FREE!�

So how does it play? Really well! Once you boot up the game, it plays exactly like real Air Hockey. You push and hold your paddle and with your finger, move around on the iPhone screen aiming the paddle at the puck. The responsiveness is quite fantastic and the best part, it supports multiplayer both locally on the same phone or via local WiFi. This allows for some seriously fun and competitive play and when you put double digit bets down with your friends, you can make some easy cash….assuming ofcourse that you win!

It is quite difficult to explain just how fun this game is, so go check it out on the AppStore on the iPhone 3G. Just search �Air Hockey� or go to the Top 25 Free apps, of which it is currently #1!