Review: RocketTaxi iPhone App (and Giveaway!)

Does everyone remember the featured iPhone Apps in the new US iPhone Ads that I wrote about a few days ago? Well, the good people over at Edovia wanted us to try out their Apps for real, and write about what we thought. First up is the Rocket Taxi App, and ass you’ll recall, I said it was “THE iPhone App you’ll wish you had when you get stranded after a night of partying, two towns over.”

I was firstly impressed that it had listings for every major Canadian city. Then, looking further, I realized it had listings for practically every town… so you can certainly rest assured, no matter where you’re lost whether it be Winnipeg or Cambridge Bay, you’ll have a phone number for a taxi company.

Upon start up RocketTaxi automatically searches and provides results for the Taxi Companies in your area, then you can choose which company you’d like, and get more details. Here’s an example for my Location:

rockettaxi-005 rockettaxi-003

Of course, if you are not connected to wifi or have Edge/3G, all of the taxi companies are still stored in your device.  So you can still search by town and get a listing:

rockettaxi-007 rockettaxi-006

This feature alone I think makes RocketTaxi a very useful App to have. But, of course, there’s more. The following features do work, but I am skeptical as to their accuracy for Canada – and the Route/Map function didn’t work for me at all.

Trip Calculator

This is supposed to provide you with an estimate of the cost of your taxi fare from your current location to your destination. You can also theoretically put in any two addresses and have it calculate the fare between them. Again, very helpful, but did not function correctly for me. Here’s an example:


Firstly this is not my exact current location  – and that map is stationary, I couldn’t scroll, zoom or select an address on it.  Secondly, while it did correctly calculate the distance between that address and the Postal Code I provided (a Starbucks downtown Toronto), the rate was way off. From the Hamilton Cab website I used the rate they quote to figure out the estimate for the 69Km ride – more like $125.00 trip. Plus, the trip calculator only works when you have an internet connection.

So, all in all I think this is a useful App, but not quite as robust as it boasts. I’m certain that I’ll come in handy in the future, and for someone who travels often it could be very helpful, and definitely worth the $1.99 price.

If you think this App would be useful to you, then drop me a line! I’m giving away one Promo Code for RocketTaxi, which can be used to download this App for FREE! Please note – promo codes can only be used on the US iTunes Store,  so you either need to be in the United States, or have set up a US iTunes Account in Canada.

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