EggWhiteStudios Apps Review Part 1: MakeMeSay

Today I’m happy to be reviewing an iPhone Game App created by a fellow Canadian. And later this week stay tuned for another review of an App from the same developer made specifically for Canadians. We’re definitely living up to our .ca around here.

The Game I’m talking about is MakeMeSay. It’s the iPhone version of CatchPhrase/Taboo (complete with mildly annoying buzzer!). It doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to quickly figure out the settings and hop into a game. All you need is 4 or more players (2 person teams),  choose how many rounds you want, the categories you want, the time limit/word count per round and you’re off!

mms3 mms1

Once the rounds are over, the game tally’s the points and tells you the winner! I had a blast playing with my family and was genuinely impressed that we did not get a repeat word the entire time we played.  Now, obviously, some of the words are much more difficult than other, but I didn’t think that any of them were impossible.  The game Chimes when you state that you got a word right, Buzzes when you accidentally disqualify a word, and repeatedly buzzes when you’re running out of time. Although not pleasant to hear, it was definitely effective.


The only real part of this App that is lacking is the Graphics. Simple, yes, but not very appealing (as you can see from the screenshots above), this is not something I would even mention if it were a Free App, but for a paid App it would be nice for it to have a bit more polish.

I expect some naysayers to chime in with ‘This could be played with just a pen and paper’, and to that I reply; may I remind you that the same could be true for Calendars, Phone Numbers and (gasp) Mail? People have been dishing out Tens of Dollars for board games that could be played with just pen-and-paper for years (see:  Balder Dash), and this App is only $0.99!

I assure you, it’s absolutely worth a Loonie. Support Canadian iPhone App Developers and please go download MakeMeSay (iTunes Store Link).