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And now on to today!

As some of you may have already noticed, today’s title is a little familiar to those who watch prime time television cooking shows! Yes, today I have a review of the game “Hell’s Kitchen” for iPhone!

Hell’s Kitchen by Ludia

For those that have no idea what Hell’s Kitchen is, it is a television show in which contestants compete to win a fabulous prize under the watchful eye of Chef Gordon Ramsay. Go here for information.

For everyone else that does know what Hell’s Kitchen is, you will LOVE this game! Hell’s Kitchen for iPhone captures the essence that is the television show and ports it perfectly into a game made for the iPhone. Rich graphics, realistic sound effects, and a very real 3D rendering of Chef Ramsay make the game very fun and pleasing to play while the constant goal of making your restaurant a 5-star establishment provides a solid challenge.

You begin as an Apprentice (under Career Mode) and have to make your way through 35 days of cooking under the watchful eye of Chef Gordon Ramsay. As many know from the show, you simply MUST please Chef Ramsay and the iPhone game is no exception. Make a mistake or burn the food and you get…well…a “compliment” lets just say. Learning and knowing how to manage the resources at your disposal is the key to winning Hell’s Kitchen. As you make your way through the days, the game gets progressively more difficult; larger groups of customers, more ingredients, new cooking tools, and impatient patrons all add to the fray that is Hell’s Kitchen.

Additionally, the second mode in Hell’s Kitchen is the Arcade mode where you simply play for fun and attempt to beat your own score (or others). Lastly, as you progress through the game, you unlock new recipes that are later able to be recalled through the app in the event that you want to cook your own genuine Chef Ramsay dish at home!

Currently, Hell’s Kitchen is on sale in the iTunes App Store for $2.99 (down from $5.99) and it requires atleast iPhone firmware 2.0. Pick it up and let me know if you can handle the heat in Hell’s Kitchen!


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