Review: Up your game with Hockey Whiteboard

Hey all,

Today I have a truly Canadian app called Hockey Whiteboard. This app aims to assist both players and coaches of Hockey to display player and puck positioning and draw up strategies for their games.

Hockey Whiteboard by Ron DiNapoli

Hockey Whiteboard is the blend of technology and hockey, so instead of using a regular whiteboard with felt pens, you now use an iPhone! The app has markers to indicate the goalies, player positions, and the puck and the markers can be moved around the ice to indicate to players where to be during the game. There are two colors which will represent the two opposing teams (however you can change those colors as well) and the player positions indicators (where the letters are below) can be changed as well.

You get both a full ice and half-ice view, so you can lay out both teams across the ice or just after the blue line. The real beneficial aspect to this application is the ability to save plays. Traditional methods of showing your players strategies usually relies on a felt and whiteboard which cannot be saved. However, with Hockey Whiteboard, you can save the plays and then recall them later.

Hockey Whiteboard is a very well done blend of hockey and technology and will serve well to coach players on strategies and plays. The only real downside to the app is one that is quite unavoidable and that is the size of the iPhone screen. It is more difficult to use than a traditional whiteboard because of that size, however, this application also serves well as on off-the-ice tool where a whiteboard may not always be readily available.

Hockey Whiteboard is available in the iTunes AppStore for $0.99


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