Review: Find a bathroom with SitOrSquat!

Today we have a very functional application up for review. It is called “SitOrSquat” and aims to help you find the cleanest restrooms around the world!

SitOrSquat by SitOrSquat Inc

SitOrSquat is a wiki that is used to record and to access information about bathrooms all over the world. The benefits of this application are obvious; you are in unfamiliar territory and this application will assist you in finding a bathroom to use if need be. Whether the located bathroom is a “Sit” or “Squat” bathroom indicates how clean the surroundings are.

The application also extends its uses to change tables and handicap access and the best part, it is completely user generated. It is up to you, the user, to add information. You can even add pictures for extra detail!

So if this sounds like something useful, pick up at the iTunes AppStore for free!

Check it out and let me know how useful this application is for you!

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