Review: Skybound, the game

Today I have an addicting game for your reading! It is called “Skybound” and the game play is so simple yet so so addicting.

Skybound by Tumbleweed Interactive DA

The objective in Skybound is to bounce a ball upwards by using your finger to draw lines that form the shape clouds. When you draw this line, if you are accurate, the ball falls on to the clouds and continues to bounce upward. The higher you move the ball, the more power-ups, points, and obstacles you encounter. Like I said earlier, the game play is very simple but highly addictive.

The game has three game modes, Easy and Normal, and an unlockable mode, Boss mode. Each mode has its own respective rules and challenges. Within the Easy and Normal mode, the goal is to gain as much altitude as possible without having your ball fall to the ground (if you miss drawing the line). Both of these modes are your beginner modes designed to guide you along as the game gets progressively more difficult.

Boss mode however is about defeating a main boss that takes the form of a floating eye. In Boss mode, your score comes from how well you battle the boss and not how high you can get your ball, as it is in the Easy and Normal modes.

Skybound includes both local and global highscores and even unlockable achievements and extra content to keep the game challenging and refreshing.

Skybound is available in the iTunes AppStore for $1.99 and that is a great value considering the fun factor of the game and the included content. However, there is also a free demo available to give you a little taste of the game.

Although, if you act right NOW, you can get yourself Skybound for FREE by simply being the first person to post below the date when Skybound was released on the iTunes AppStore!


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