Review: Shoot the pops with ‘Popper’!

The name of the game is Popper and the challenge is to shoot and match all the pops as fast as possible!

Popper by Clever Twist Inc.

If you like games such as Tetris or Bejeweled, then you will very much enjoy Popper. The goal with Popper is to shoot and match the pops (pops are the little jelly-bean looking things) as fast as possible. The faster you get rid of the pops, the higher your score and more bonus points you accumulate.

To shoot the pops, you simply tap the large red button in the bottom corner (can be moved to the left corner in the settings menu) and to rotate the pops into different shooting angles, you use the large green button! The pops themselves shoot only straight and cannot be moved or modified. The control scheme is extremely simple and that makes Popper a very easy game to quickly pick up and begin playing. Popper also includes 10 levels and each new level becomes increasingly more difficult than the last, so that game constantly presents a challenge.

Your pop (the one at the bottom of the screen) is the pop you use to shoot the other ones. Depending on what color your pop is, you want to aim, time, and shoot it so that it hits the same color pop above. Once the two pops collide, two or more pops together will be eliminated from the screen. As long as you match the colors, you continue to get points, but if you miss and match a red pop with a yellow pop for example, the one you shot will stick there and become an additional obstacle. You may also move the other pops that you are trying to shoot at by tilting the iPhone, which will increase the speed of their movement.

Along the very bottom, there is a dotted line known as the “die line”. If you take too long to shoot the pops, the pops slowly drop down toward the “die line”. Once the pops reach the “die line”, it is Game Over! So as you can see, you have to be both quick and accurate!

Some of the pops will also drop additional bonus points, bombs (clears many pops), clocks (gain more time for the level), or a rescue ring (raises the pops further from the die line). To use these, you simply tap on them once you see them on the screen.

Once you get going with the game, it is highly addictive, which is great, because to me, that means it has a high replayability value. With a low price and fantastic game play, Popper is a terrific game for your iPhone.

Popper is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.