Review: Postman

Just a few days ago I reviewed a very useful application that allows you to send postcards using your iPhone. Today, I have come across another application like this, except this one is done exclusively online.

The app is called “Postman” and it allows you to share postcards using the Internet right on your iPhone!

Postman by Freeverse Inc.

Postman is an application that allows you to create a postcard on your iPhone and send it to anyone using the Internet.  You begin the process by taking a photo of what you want to include on the postcard. Then you proceed to pinpoint your location on Google Maps, add a greeting, and then compose your message.

What is really neat about Postman is that it uses Google Maps to pinpoint your location. What this means is when your recipient receives their postcard online, they can see exactly where you are with Google Maps. This adds a very connected experience to your postcard as the recipient doesn’t just know what city you are in, for example, but your exact location where you are standing.

Once you finish your postcard, you can share it with your recipient in a variety of ways. Postman supports sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email, or just post it on the web! Since it is all done online, your recipient receives their postcard instantly and there are no costs involved at all, aside from purchasing the actual app.

In my uses with Postman, I was very satisfied. The postcards are extremely easy to set up and the user interface is very simple; the app almost guides you to your final product. However, I very much like that it is all online because this ensures instant delivery and my recipient can print the postcard and keep it or just leave it stored online.

If you are looking for a very low cost, instant way to send postcards, for what Postman offers, I give it a 5/5.

You can check out Postman on the iTunes AppStore for $0.99.