Canpages My Nearest iPhone App Finds Places Near You

You might remember the previous Canpages iPhone app we reviewed. It was their voice-powered search app for all things Canadian. This time around, Canpages has created an app that will located points of interest based on your location.

My Nearest iPhone App: It’s like a GPS POI Menu In Your Pocket

How many times have you wanted to find points of interest near you by typing search terms into Google Maps? We’ve all done, and usually the results are quite limited. This time around, Canpages’ iPhone app My Nearest will do all the hard work for you, like a “personalized 411 service” as they put it.

My Nearest helps you locate various businesses near you (within 10km) such as banks/ATM’s, coffee shops, restaurants, malls, and much more. The app does work on the iPod Touch via WiFi but it uses the iPhone GPS to find locations near you. So the experience may not be seamless on the iPod Touch.


The app also comes preloaded with 30 of the most commonly searched business categories (some of the ones I mentioned earlier) but users can also add their own categories, which I thought was pretty neat.

The huge benefit of this app is you are getting information results from the national Canpages database which has more than 1 million business listings and growing. Needless to say, this app knows what it’s doing.

How Did My Nearest Fare With My Testing?

I tested My Nearest and it found businesses near me that weren’t even located in Google Maps. I was definitely impressed with this app and will be keeping it on my iPhone for the future. No longer will I need to use Grande Getter for McFinder or TimmyMe when I’m out and about! X1Zero also tested this app while he was out and he gave it a 5 out of 5.

My Nearest is a FREE download for your iPhone. Canadians are going to love using this app when trying to find places around you, especially when you’re on a road trip! Anyone been using this yet? How do you like it?

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