Game Review: Crystal Cave Classic for iPhone

Dig deep into caverns and dungeons to uncover precious gemstones as you hunt for treasure in Crystal Cave Classic for iPhone.

Crystal Cave Classic by Rake in Grass

Crystal Cave Classic is a top-down adventure logic game that has Indiana Jones-style cave and dungeon digging written all over it! It is an adventure game that takes players into dark caves and pyramids from ancient civilizations. Each level is unique from the next and requires an increasing degree of logic to get through them all.

Properly using rocks and obstacles will allow your character to progress through the level. If you incorrectly choose your path or move your character in the wrong way, you risk certain death from falling rocks and other obstacles.

The controls are not great but they work as you would expect. You get a 4 button D-Pad that can be put on either the bottom left or right of the game play screen. You only move your character up, down, left and right. The only issue I have is I found the D-Pad directional buttons to be a tad small as I frequently found thumb taps missing the controls.

However the game includes three different control methods. You use the directional pad as detailed above or you can choose from Screen Controls or Swipe. Screen controls let’s you control the game by tapping on the screen to where you want to go and swipe gives you finger gesture support so that you can simply swipe your finger on the screen to move.

The game includes seven chapters with varying levels within each chapter. In total there are 175 levels, which delivers extended and interesting game play.

Overall, Crystal Cave Classic delivers good visuals, flexible controls and original music that is sure to immerse the player. With the 170+ game levels, Crystal Cave Classic is sure to bring hours of challenging and engaging game play.

Crystal Cave Classic is scored a 4.5 out of 5.

Crystal Cave Classic is available on the iTunes App Store for $3.99.