The Most Useless iPhone App Ever

Hey, RoryPiper here again. Got a quick app review this week, but not any other app review this site has done before.

In the vast sea of over 85,000 apps available from the App Store, not all of them can be winners. I went on a quest to find the most useless app, and I think I have succeeded.

Have a look at “Knock on Wood”. Here’s how they try to sell it:

“This is genuine picture of wood and not a computer generated imitation. Knock on Wood will give you the chance to avoid tempting fate, or to bring good luck. Whether you believe that good spirits live in trees, or that by touching wood, you won’t get tagged, knock here for a bit of superstitious fun.”


So what does this app do? The answer is: absolutely nothing. When you tap the icon, all you get is a picture of wood. That’s it. No settings, to change the type of wood. No sound when you knock. Nothing.


If i remember correctly, for this superstition to work, you have to knock on REAL wood, not a digital picture of wood behind a glass touch screen. This is what makes this app, not just useless, but completely useless.

Let us know your experience with useless apps. Have you found one that you regret downloading? Free or paid, let us know.

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