Apptizr: The iPhone App Recommendation Service


Okay, so this is pretty awesome.

As many know, the iPhone App Store is a tremendous success. Just this week, the App Store broke 100,000 apps! It has come to the point that there truly is an app for almost anything. It’s crazy!

Well as many readers have discussed, with that many apps, how can you possibly go through them all and find ones that are right for you! Well, let me introduce Apptizr.

What is Apptizr

Apptizr is a free online service that captures individual user interests to make personal iPhone application recommendations. Users can receive app recommendations either by weekly email or right on the Apptizr website, iTunes links included.

The site runs you through a brief personality profile (can be skipped) and then gives you recommendations that cater to your tastes. To recommend apps for you, Apptizr uses both the personality profile and the decisions that you make for apps recommended by Apptizr. I tried Apptizr out this week and I love this service.

Here is a summary of Apptizr from the release:

With over 100K apps approved by the Apple App Store, finding high quality apps that match your interests is like finding a needle in the haystack. Apptizr does the heavy lifting through our proprietary algorithm that matches the users’ interest with the right apps. The engine is smart enough to learn more about our users’ preferences over time as they tell us whether they liked the recommendations we made. We also evaluate the applications for quality and only recommend the best apps in each category to our users.

apptizrHow To Join

Right now the service is very, very new and is in the beta/testing stages. You can visit the site and request an invite to become a user.