Game Review: Rescue Razzle for iPhone

iPhone developer Sunstorm Interactive has announced the launch of their new iPhone and iPod Touch game – Rescue Razzle.

Rescue Razzle by Sunstorm Interactive

In Rescue Razzle, players are challenged to rescue the helpless little Rat named Razzle. Razzle has managed to find himself locked in a cage at the top of a stack of wooden crates. Razzle is too high up to jump off and he is trapped in a cage regardless! So the goal is to break the wooden crates one after another, lowering Razzle to the ground.

Features 1/2

Carefully and accurately breaking the wooden crates will safely bring Razzle to the ground. Rescue Razzle is a physics based puzzle game in which the player breaks wooden crates to achieve an overall goal.

Physics and gravity play a large role in the game, as when each crate is broken, any supporting crates now become loose and begin to move and fall to the ground. Choosing which crate to break becomes an extemely important decision.

Each of the 40 levels becomes progressively more difficult with a new puzzle every time. As the crates are broken, there are various wooden crates with metal trim around them that cannot be broken. It is these metal crates that Razzle must land on as being the lowest point to the ground. If Razzle touches the ground, the level is over and the player must start again.

If crates begin to fall and there is no visible way to win, there is an in-game refresh button which will immediately restart the level and refresh the stacked wooden crates.

The game provides a satisfying level of challenge and frustration and is overall a lot of fun. As the levels become more difficult, the game forces you into becoming very clever and very innovative in your approaches to successfully complete the level.

If you want to see Rescue Razzle in action, check out a game play video here.

Controls & Navigation 2/2

Controls in Rescue Razzle are extremely simple and very easy to learn. Just tap a wooden crate to break it and watch as the crates tumble and turn and fall into place.

Also note that you can only tap and destroy crates when no crates are moving. In other words, if a crate is falling or moving slightly, you will be unable to break another crate until the movement has stopped.

Oddly enough, the game does not make use of the iPhone/iPod Touch accelerometer, which could have added an interesting game play mechanic.

If you have begun to play and quit the game at any time, the game does save your current level. When you go back into the app, you may continue where you left off with a single tap.

Sounds & Visuals 0.5/1

Rescue Razzle delivers some nice visuals with good sound effects and background music. Each smashed crate delivers a “wood-smashing” sound and as the cage drops with Razzle inside, our little rat hero releases a rather annoying screech that does not stop until the cage stops falling.

The game does include music and sound effect toggles within the settings menu in case you would rather not play with the default setup. However, toggling off music will not enable iPod music support as the app will end your iPod music if it is playing when you startup the app.

Rescue Razzle is scored a 3.5 out of 5.

Rescue Razzle is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.