Gas Cubby by FRAM = Free Download!

There are lots of apps out there for you car lovers. Need a turn-by-turn GPS? Check out CoPilot or G-Map Canada. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, ensuring proper maintenance is essential. Gas Cubby is an app that allows you to keep track of maintenance and gas purchases.

Gas Cubby is Now FREE Thanks to FRAM

What’s so special about Gas Cubby? What you need to know is the app costs $6.99. However, if you download the FRAM sponsored version, it’s completely free!

Gas Cubby makes it easy to track what maintenance has been done to your car and also tracks your gas mileage. FRAM has worked out a nice little symbiotic relationship with the developer of Gas Cubby. The FRAM version of Gas Cubby has FRAM ads only within the app. The paid version does not. This model is similar to when Real Racing GTI was offered for free.

Here’s the description of the FRAM/Gas Cubby Relationship:

Gas Cubby by FRAM is a free, sponsored version of App Cubby’s critically acclaimed iPhone app Gas Cubby. The paid version of Gas Cubby will continue to be available in the App Store for those who would prefer to use the app without ads.

Gas Cubby is the ultimate tool for tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. Whether you’re a hypermiler, or just want a reminder to change the oil, Gas Cubby will save you money and keep your vehicle operating at its peak.

There’s nothing better than getting a great deal on awesome apps. Start keeping track of your car’s maintenance today with your iPhone by using Gas Cubby!

Click here to download Gas Cubby Sponsored by FRAM.