Game Review: Elasticr For iPhone

Meet a new superhero, Elasticr, an easy to learn and fun to play iPhone/iPod Touch game!

Elasticr by Dlux

Meet the new Superhero! Elasticr is a simple and addicting puzzle game that gives players the goal of saving the Earth!

Features 1.5/2

Elasticr includes 20 levels to test players puzzle solving savvy. The difficulty of each level increases as each level is completed, which adds a great challenge aspect to the game.

Each level offers a variety of game design including sliding walls, pits of death, false hand-holds and dangerous aliens. Each level includes a number of hand-holds that the character must swing to and from. The goal is to swing and propel the superhero to each hand-hold and avoid the dangerous attributes. Once the player has successfully reached each hand-hold, a teleporter opens up which ends the level once the player enters the portal.

It is fairly easy to complete all 20 levels rather quickly but the developer has indicated new level updates in the future. The level updates are also free and will not be in-app purchases.

Controls & Navigation 1.5/2

Controls are very easy to learn as players simply push and hold onto the character, pull back and release in the direction that they want the character to go. The physics engine is very well done and very accurate and is rather impressive.

Navigation of the app includes a game start button and an options button where players may adjust the volume of sounds and music in the game.

The one irk I have is while in a game, there is no way to get back to the main menu without exiting the app! I found this to quickly become a burden.

Sounds & Visuals 0.5/1

Elasticr includes good graphics and a fun set of in-game sound effects. The game play area is a top-down view which can make the hand-holds difficult to see at times, especially with the varying background colors.

For those looking to play their own iPod music, unfortunately the game does not support that and you may either listen to the in-game music or reduce the volume to zero.

Elasticr is scored a 3.5 out of 5.

Elasticr is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.