Poynt Location-Based Application Heading To iPhone

At CES this week, a very popular and successful Blackberry (gasp!) application called Poynt was being showcased on…wait for it….an iPhone!

Poynt is a location-based Blackberry application that is making its way to iPhone. The app allows users to locally search for people, businesses, movies, and restaurants. While the iPhone version will include the aforementioned features, the Blackberry version will continue to include gas prices, which the iPhone version will not get…at least not yet. But iPhone users get something better!

Poynt on the iPhone makes use of the iPhone accelerometer. How this works is when iPhone users turn their device to landscape, the app launches Maps with an included pin showing what the user was searching for.

Along with maps, when the user moves the iPhone to their face, as in making a phone call, the app launches into a call! How awesome is that! Do note that this feature only works if there is an available phone number for the entry the user was searching for.

iPhone owners can expect Poynt to hit the iTunes App Store by the end of January for free!