Shop Smarter With Barcode Reader For iPhone

Have you ever walked into a Walmart or similar large retailer, picked up a product and scanned the product using a wall barcode reader? Usually it tells you the price and that is about it. Well, now you can use your iPhone to scan barcodes and get much more information than just price!

Barcode Reader by SHAPE Services

Barcode Reader is a great app for those of us who shop a lot and are on the lookout for great deals. As described previously, conventional in-store barcode readers only tell you the price of the specifically scanned item. But what if there is a cheaper price for the same product somewhere else?

Using the iPhone camera, Barcode Reader snaps a photo of the barcode of a product/item and then using all three of Google, eBay, and Amazon product searches, the app searches for the scanned product and locates the lowest possible price. The app also includes other relevant information related to the scanned item.

Search results can be saved for future use, emailed or even sent as a wish list to friends and family. The app even includes a browser so users may locate more information about the scanned item without having to the leave the app.

Barcode Reader supports many types of barcodes such as UPC, EAN-13, and EAN-8, which are essentially most commercial barcodes. If you are using an iPhone 3GS with the app, then the camera will work well due to the 3MP auto-focus. Users of the iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G, while the results might come out fine, may want to consider camera related accessories to improve the image quality.

Barcode Reader is available in the iTunes App Store for free! Check it out!