App Review: What_To_Order For iPhone

If you want to keep track of your friends and family favorite foods when you go for a food run, check out What_To_Order.

What_To_Order by Glen Hewlett

What_To_Order is a great app to help keep track of what friends, family, and co-workers enjoy eating for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any place.

Features 1.5/2

What_To_Order allows users to build a personal database that allows for easy organization of information regarding food/meal preferences of friends, family, and co-workers.

Once a database is built and favorite food items are inputted, users do three steps to unlock the usefulness of the app:

1.) Choose a place, such as a restaurant (or choose a location that you are already at).
2.) Choose the friend/family/co-worker that you want to order for.
3.) Tap the “What To Order” button.

The app will now display an ordered list with the food items to order, the location of the order, and the persons name for whom the order is for.

To keep organized, users can reorder the list of locations to keep the most often used ones at the top and also add/remove people from specific locations. Users may also change a persons order from any location at any time.

What_To_Order is a great app to help organize meal orders and avoiding the troublesome asking “what do you want” when you have many orders to make.

The app has a lot of uses, but my most often used is when it is my turn to grab lunch for everyone. Any office environment, store, gathering, or any type of social situation works well with What_To_Order. You can even surprise someone with their favorite meal!

Controls & Navigation 1.5/2

Navigation of the app is clean and easy, which is expected from an app that aims to improve a daily task.

Navigation is very linear, which makes using the app simple, with no visual distractions. The only thing that would have been nice during use is the ability to do some kind of rich text formatting for the order lists.

Value 1/1

The app is a great value for those that have been in a situation when ordering food for one or more people.

The app greatly speeds up and improves the ordering process. It is very useful for both the user of the app and the individuals wanting to make an order.

What_To_Order is scored a 4 out of 5.

What_To_Order is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.