Block Destruction With DeBlock For iPhone & iPod Touch

DeBlock is a block destruction game that plays just like Bejeweled, but includes a few neat twists.

DeBlock by Lhunath

DeBlock is very much a puzzle game in which players must clear the blocks of each level. Like other games of this type, destroying blocks is done by tapping on a block that is surrounded by other blocks of identical color.

If a block has a different color than the surrounding ones, the block cannot be destroyed without using a special power. Other than that, the block remains and detracts from the player score.

The special power blocks are really neat. There are a few of them and each one does something different such as a big explosion and color change. The thing to note is some of the special powers work against you, so make sure to read the strategy page before game play.

With every destroyed block, players gain score which in turn is tracked on an online leaderboard.

The game is very polished with good visuals and a rather interesting soundtrack. Game play can become repetitive but the game provides some solid fun for a while. DeBlock also supports various languages including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

DeBlock is available in the App Store for $0.99.


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