Colorbind For iPhone & iPod Touch

Colorbind is a minimalist and simple game that brings a very unique concept.

Colorbind by Nonverbal

Colorbind is a very unique game and players with very good problem solving skills will be successful. The game is very laid back but highly puzzling and will require a degree of patience.

The goal is to connect colorful paper strips using your finger to drag the strips. Each level completes successfully when all of the dots are connected however the game becomes very difficult when more colored strips are introduced.

The game includes 84 levels with easy, medium, and hard difficulties. For new players, there is a fantastic tutorial that sets players up perfectly for game play. The game further features achievements for special moves and completed levels.

The visuals are really nice and I really like that the app allows users to play their own music instead of using the in-game sounds.

Colorbind is available in the App Store for $0.99. There is also a lite version that has less levels and reduced features available for free.