Rogers To Launch Turn By Turn GPS App For iPhone

In November 2009, Rogers/Fido launched apps that allowed their customers to track their wireless usage in almost real time. The apps were called “MyAccount” and provided users with great account management functionality.

After the success of the MyAccount app, Rogers may be releasing another iPhone app on March 26, 2010. The app is to be called “Rogers Navigator for iPhone” and will provide users with turn by turn directions.

It is difficult to say how good the app will be compared to apps like TomTom, but at $4.99, it may not be all that bad. Also, unlike the MyAccount apps, it is likely that any iPhone user can use the Rogers Navigator.

Some of the Rogers Navigator features include:

  • Real time traffic alerts
  • Business finder
  • Voice turn by turn directions
  • Voice Commands
  • One touch re-route
  • 2D or 3D maps
  • Integration with Address Book
  • iPod can be used while the app is running
  • Bluetooth-enabled

Watch for the Rogers Navigator app on March 26, 2010.