When Can We Expect the Skype 3G iPhone App Release Date?

Skype on the iPhone is a joy to use. The current app is limited to usage over WiFi networks only, with usage over 3G requiring a jailbroken iPhone. Skype last updated us on February 3rd that a 3G version was imminent–yet it’s now the end of March and we haven’t heard anything from the Skype team. What gives?

There was a claim by a forum member that a Verizon/Skype deal was delaying the release of the 3G version of Skype. However, Peter Parkes from Skype responded directly to these allegations here:

Hey there – keen to find out who you actually are 🙂 I spoke to rather a lot of people over the course of the weekend, as you can imagine.

There’s no way I would have said that we’re backing away from iPhone, let alone not releasing a 3G-capable version, quite simply because it’s not true.

We’re absolutely committed to the iPhone platform: I cannot emphasise this enough. We’ll be releasing the 3G-capable version of our app very soon indeed.

Twitter user @dakotaallen sent the following tweet to the Skype Mobile team:

@skypemobile Is Skype for iPhone over 3G coming? Or has Verizon paid to ensure that doesn’t happen?

and got the following reply:

@dakotadallen it’s coming soon – watch this space

So there you have it. It seems nothing has changed since the February 3rd update from Skype. Once the 3G version of Skype is released, 3G calling will no longer require a jailbreak.

Would you give up your jailbreak for a 3G version of Skype? The $3/month unlimited calls to Canada/USA plan is worth every penny.