Blasphere for iPhone & iPod Touch

Blasphere is an iPhone puzzle game in which the player must destroy all of the bombs on the screen by strategically placing user-playable bombs.

The target bombs are static objects on the play area while the user-playable bombs are green and initially separated from the rest. That is the only way of distinguishing the target bombs from the user-playable bombs that users are to use to destroy the target bombs, as it can be initially difficult to find the player bombs.

With each round, users are given a specific number of bombs that are used to destroy the objective in a resulting chain explosion. Once all of the bombs are successfully destroyed, the player moves on to the next stage. Each new stage has a varying number of target bombs and user-playable bombs, so no two stages are exactly the same.

The game sounds easy to play but even on the Easy difficulty, it is surprisingly difficult to clear all of the target bombs. The game places a large emphasis on strategy and placement. Where players place their playable bombs has a large impact of the success or failure of a stage and with limited playable bombs each stage, it becomes that much more important to strategically place your bombs.

The game includes four game modes consisting of Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. As mentioned earlier, the game is rather tough even on the Easy setting, so make sure you don’t go jumping right away into Expert. The game also apparently features an infinite number of levels but there is no easy way to test that claim! However I think we can take their word for it.

My only real gripe with the game is that I lost interest in playing it rather quickly. It is definitely appropriate to label the game as a puzzle game, however there is not much depth and the levels quickly become repetitive. The color scheme is rather bland and game play unfortunately becomes boring far too quickly. Considering the game play and the rather high price tag, definitely read up on the game description and check out the photos before buying, as there are many App Store games that may provide a better value.

Blasphere is available in the App Store for $2.99.

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