Goalbook For iPhone & iPod Touch

Goalbook is a new iPhone application that allows users to keep track of their goals, tasks or just about anything that need to be done!

Goalbook by Adaptablecode

Goalbook provides users with a clean tab-based interface to add personal goals or any other required task. Aside from just text based goals, the app allows users to include photos and locations to their goals, adding a small level of user customization.

A really neat feature is when users add a location to their goals, which then enables a view where the goals appear on a map view, with map pins representing the inputted goals. Furthermore, users can share their goals through channels such as Twitter and can also view global goals posted by other users.

When users view global goals posted by other users, the app allows rating of the goals by using a thumbs-up/thumbs-down mechanism. Goals can also be shared in different languages.

To get an idea of the app, take a look at the video below:

Overall, the app provides a nice tab interface for users to input and track their goals. Of course users could simply use the Notes app to track goals but Goalbook provides that extra bit of connectivity and customization.

Goalbook is a new app to the App Store and as such is offering promotional pricing starting today and for the next three days at $0.99. After the promo period, the app will increase to $1.99.