WiFi Sync Coming to iPhone and iPod Touch…Maybe

Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about finding your iPhone’s USB cord, to sync to iTunes, to grab your latest podcats of sync some apps you just purchased? A lot of iPhone users had hoped for a wireless sync feature to be added to iPhone OS 4, but so far, there has been no word of this from Cupertino.

Developer Greg Hughes has created a new app, called “WiFISync“, that does just that! When you open the app, you are prompted to pair your device with a client, running on your computer, over your home WiFi connection. Once paired, iTunes detects your device as being connected, allowing you to sync any media, just as if you were connected via USB. The client will work on Mac and Windows.

Greg posted this video on YouTube, to show the new app in action:

YouTube video

Apparently the app will be submitted to Apple by the end of the week. The bad news is, many specualte that it will not be approved. Apple are stcklers for security, and this app may break that security in some way. The developer has stated, on Twitter, that the app doesn’t break any “rules”. We’ll have to wait and see. If it doesn’t get approved, hopefully we’ll see it in Cydia.! 😉

UPDATE: Greg has uploaded another video showing iTunes syncing music to an iPhone, over WiFi:

YouTube video

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