Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Screenshots Revealed has posted a first look at screenshots of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone. The iPhone OS was introduced in mid 2007. It has been almost three years and Windows Live users haven’t had a taste of an official app for the iPhone. Well that has now changed.

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Today we can exclusively unveil the first official screenshots of Windows Live Messenger for iPhone. The application will arrive in June alongside the rest of Windows Live Wave 4. According to our sources, Microsoft will unveil the next generation of Windows Live Messenger tomorrow but will not ship bits to public beta until June. A limited private beta is expected to take place in May.

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone will include photo sharing, chat and a social stream for users.

There are free alternatives out there for MSN users. Such examples include Meebo, IM+ Lite, and eBuddy. This news comes a few years too late, but then again this is Microsoft we’re talking about. 😉 Should this be filed under, “News we really don’t care about”?

Screenshots below: