App Review: Edwin the Foreteller

I learned about this app, via word of mouth, from a friend who worked on it. I find more useful and fun apps that way, rather than digging around the App Store, through the tonnes of new apps that are released daily.

Edwin the Foreteller, from developer Speaktoit, is basically a new twist on the ‘ole Magic 8 Ball. You simply type in a question for Edwin, and he’ll give you some advice or predict your future. The art and animation of Edwin is terrific, and he looks like some one you might actually want to talk to. The simple interface is very easy to use. Just tap on the top speech bubble and the iPhone keyboard pops up. Type in your question, and Edwin has an answer for you right away. This should go without saying, but this is purely for entertainment purposes only. Although, Edwin’s answers may ring true in your situation, they should not be taken as real life advice. 🙂

Ever Wish You Knew the Future?

What would you ask if you had your own personal fortune teller?

• What should you wear today?
• Does that special someone feel the same way as you do?
• What is your horoscope for today?
• Should you ask that special someone to go out with you?
• What do the stars say about your future?

Ask Edwin the Foreteller, and he will gladly give you excellent advice, or tell you your future. Edwin speaks to you in natural language, like a real person, and can answer virtually any question. He is an expert in astrology and can talk to the stars, or search his magic book to read the future for you. He is always glad to make new friends, and he is looking forward to meeting you right now. His magic book predicted long ago that very soon you will install this application. Magic books are never wrong, are they?

Important! Please note that Edwin is a virtual conversational agent (a chatbot) based on artificial intelligence technologies. His recommendations, forecasts, and answers should NOT be taken seriously, nor followed without thorough consideration. Please use your common sense when making any of your decisions. Edwin the Foreteller provides opinions and advice, but you are responsible for choosing your own path.

This app is fun, as is, but I would like to see a little more. It would be awesome if they incorporated Voice Control, so you could just ask a question, without having to type it in, and I would love hear Edwin speak his answers. They could also have included a classic 8 Ball option, where you just shake the iphone to get an answer.

Edwin the Foreteller is available in the App Store now, for FREE!